Bed bugs are a nocturnal insect that feeds on human blood. They have in rare situations been know to feed on the blood of pets if a human host cannot be found. Bed bugs have become resistant to many chemicals over the years. There is a new treatment that was invented a couple of years ago at Penn State University. This treatment is like none other on the market. This treatment does not involve a pesticide. The treatment is a bacterial spore. This product is named Aprehend. Unlike most chemicals previously used to treat bed bugs, they do not have a resistance to Aprehend.

The Aprehend Treatment for Bed Bugs

The Aprehend treatment is applied to areas of beds and furniture that are commonly contacted by bed bugs. These areas include but are not limited to bed frames, box springs, dressers, closets, couches, baseboards, picture frames, and other areas. When a bed bug contacts the Apprehend the spores attach to the bed bug and begin to grow on the bed bug. These spores over a matter of days will spread enough to kill a bedbug. This treatment also spreads from one-bed bug to another when they mate or contact one another. The treatment also has a longer residual than most chemicals. The Aprehend treatment does not cause harm to humans. This treatment has had excellent results for our customers.

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Boo’s Bug Stoppers can send a representative to evaluate your infestation and provide a proposal for eliminating bed bug infestations.  In addition to Apprehend, you offer other solutions for bed bugs and bed bugs in hospitality  If you own a hospitality business that will be reopening make sure your patoons have confidence in your facility to be not only COVID free but also free from other things like bed bugs which can compromise the immune system further.  Contact Boo’s Bug Stoppers today to eliminate bed bugs as safely as possible.

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Boos Bug Stoppers Appointment Request