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Bee Prevention in Outdoor Dining


As the weather gets warmer and restrictions lift, restaurants are back to business. This year, especially with outdoor dining more popular than ever, it is time for bee prevention for outdoor dining.  Chances are you are past the carpenter bee season which is in the spring. Summer means an increase in insects that fly [...]

Bee Prevention in Outdoor Dining2021-07-31T07:10:47-05:00

Mouse Control in the Restaurant


As a business owner, the last issue you want to deal with is mouse control. The pesky problems not only create issues as a safety hazard but also tarnishes the business's reputation. Mice and other rodents can carry diseases, putting employees and customers at risk. There are food service health codes placed as well to [...]

Mouse Control in the Restaurant2021-07-05T11:50:59-05:00

Bed Bugs Prevention – come home from vacation without them


Now that COVID seems to be in the past for us in western Pennsylvania,  I want to talk to you about how to avoid getting bed bugs while on vacation, or traveling for business. Many of us will be headed to the surrounding mountains, while the other half of Pittsburgh [...]

Bed Bugs Prevention – come home from vacation without them2021-07-05T11:17:50-05:00

Controlling Cockroaches in Restaurants


As summer is upon us, businesses are back to normal as per usual. With doors being propped and windows being opened, pesky roaches are able to find their way inside. It is time to make sure you are controlling cockroaches. The last thing any establishment wants their reputation to be linked to cockroaches. Risks of [...]

Controlling Cockroaches in Restaurants2021-07-05T09:08:34-05:00

Controlling Fruit Flies in Restaurants


Did you know that controlling fruit flies in restaurants is one of the most frequent calls we get from our commercial accounts at Boos? Here are some tips on controlling fruit flies in your business for restaurant operators. As restrictions slowly ease up across the nation, it is finally time to be back in business [...]

Controlling Fruit Flies in Restaurants2021-07-05T09:11:37-05:00

Are you ready to reopen your bar business?


The last year has been very hard on the restaurant business in Western Pennsylvania as well as the rest of the United States.  Boo's Bug Stoppers is here to help local bars and restaurants to re-open for close to full service. The last thing that your customers will want to see is a pest [...]

Are you ready to reopen your bar business?2021-11-22T18:07:44-05:00

How to Prevent Pest Infestations in foodservice


Today, as consumers return to visit your business establishment, preventing pest infestation is a key business priority.  Public health has never been more top of mind to consumers, especially in foodservice. There are four main ways to prevent pest infestations at your establishment – sanitation, exclusion, removal, and preventative devices: Sanitation - It's imperative to [...]

How to Prevent Pest Infestations in foodservice2021-11-22T18:15:50-05:00

Integrated Pest Management


What is Integrated Pest Management? Integrated Pest Management refers to a system of effective and economical pest control. IPM aims to control pest populations below the environmental harm level. It has been found that most pest control methods are not economical or sustainable, which is one of the reasons why so many homeowners do [...]

Integrated Pest Management2021-11-22T19:01:02-05:00

How do rodents get inside your home?


Where did these rodents come from? A common question, often asked by homeowners, is "How do rats and mice get into my home?" Every year, hundreds of thousands of rodent infestations are reported across the United States. Some of the causes of these invasions can be simple enough: rats and mice are attracted to [...]

How do rodents get inside your home?2022-01-11T15:11:24-05:00
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