In the hospitality industry, any kind of pest or rodent infestations could mean a significant decrease in business. Bed bugs specifically have become a serious issue within this industry space. Bed bug infestations can and do happen before staff is even aware that the problem exists. This means it’s extremely important for management to do everything possible in regard to bed bug prevention! The following steps will help protect your guests from taking any unwanted “hitchhikers” home with them.

Bed Bug Prevention Step One: Inspection

The first step should be to inspect the beds and furniture for any evidence of bed bugs. Look for any live bed bugs under the sheets or between the mattresses. Other physical signs of bed bugs to look for include:

  • Rust-colored stains (caused by crushed bed bugs)
  • Dark spots roughly this size “•” (this is excrement and may bleed just like a marker on fabric)
  • Pale yellow skins, eggs, and shells

Bed bugs also hide in a variety of places when they aren’t eating. This includes around the bed, near piping, in the bed frame and headboard. If the room is experiencing a true infestation, they can also be found in the seams of furniture and curtains, drawer joints, and near electronics.

Step Two: Use an Encasement

Hotels can use mattress encasements as a method of preventing bedbugs. These covers are designed to eliminate creases and seams where bed bugs like to hide. As these covers are normally light in color, they make it easier to spot the signs of bed bugs. You will want to make sure to invest in a high-quality cover resistant to tearing. There are also encasements sold that are pre-treated in order to control bed bugs.

Step Three: Housecleaning Needs to Always Thoroughly Clean

All housekeeping personnel should be educated about what to look for in regard to bed bugs. Collecting the garbage and organizing clutter needs to be taken care of every single day. Consistent vacuuming can also remove bed bugs.

Step Four: Seal Any Cracks or Holes

Any opening or hole leaves your hotel open to a bed bug invasion. Make sure someone on staff is always monitoring for cracks and crevices. When these types of openings are discovered, they need to be sealed immediately. Especially near baseboards and light sockets, as that can allow bed bugs to travel from room to room.

Step Five: Remind Your Guests Where and How to Keep Their Luggage

As a general rule of thumb, luggage should never be kept near the bed. The best place to keep luggage is in the bathroom.  Your guests could also utilize garbage bags to keep their dirty clothes and protect their clean luggage. You can add this information to any reading materials or signs you put in each room.

Cleaning Up a Bed Bug Infestation with Boo’s Bug Stoppers

If your hospitality business has recently been invaded by bed bugs, there are a few things you should do. First, you must correspond with your guests and alert them. As a means of caution, tell them to wash every single item they brought with them, even if it wasn’t worn. Most dryers can kill bed bugs when set to high heat, which will stop an infestation from growing in their homes!

In the event that bed bugs are discovered, the room should be taken out of order. Contact a pest control company for treatment right away. Boo’s effective and affordable hospitality pest prevention will save you hours of work and frustration. To protect your business from bed bugs and costly reputation damage, call us today at (724) 601-3223. Or email us here to arrange a time for us to give you a free quote.

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