Don't let the
Bed Bugs Bite

How did I get bed bugs?

Bed bugs must be brought into the home either on a person or an item. Bed bugs do not enter a home the same way a foraging spider or ant would enter the home. The most common ways they enter your home is through staying in an infested hotel room, visiting an infested home, using infested public transportation, being in infested workplaces,  when an infested person visits your home or bringing infested items into your home.

I have bed bugs, now what

Contact a professional. Bed Bugs are extremely difficult for the “Do-It-Yourself” homeowner to eliminate with over-the-counter bed bug products. There are many steps that need to be taken to properly treat and eliminate bed bug infestations. We are finding that when a homeowner or inexperienced pest control professional misapplies treatment to a bed bug infestation, bed bugs build up resistance to the misapplied pesticide. This, in turn, makes the infestation even more difficult to control and costlier for the homeowner over time.

Boo’s Bug Stoppers approach

Due to the fact that Bed Bugs are becoming resistant to certain pesticides, we highly recommend a three treatment system where we rotate the type of pesticide used each time. We have found that spacing the treatments about 2 weeks apart and rotating products deliver the best results in completely eliminating a bed bug population. Note – If a customer chooses to stop service before their 3rd treatment is complete, any resistant bed bug survivors can repopulate, and will become even more difficult to eliminate. This is ultimately the most costly result for the customer.

Warranty & Price for
bed bug treatment

Because there are many factors that determine the success of treatment, warranty guidelines are difficult to establish. Through our vast experience, we have found complete elimination when the originating source of the bed bug infestation is known and stopped, the customer properly completes the prep list provided below, and when boo's bug stoppers completes the three treatment approach.

The price of the treatment depends on the size of both the infestation and the home. Inspection is needed to provide an accurate price quote. Contact us for more information.