Carpenter Bees Season is here


It is springtime here in western Pennsylvania, and that means carpenter bees are out and about. This is the time of the year that homeowners and local Pittsburgh business owners notice large black bees hovering and flying outside of their home and business.  One business that we sometimes go to [...]

Carpenter Bees Season is here2021-07-17T11:45:17-05:00

Fruit Fly Control in Restaurants


The last thing a restaurant owner/manager wants to see is a customer waving fruit flies while they dine. Even worse, they definitely don’t want to see are flies on in drinks or food. This can, and usually does, lead to negative online reviews and other reputation damages. Even if you regularly [...]

Fruit Fly Control in Restaurants2021-07-06T10:49:19-05:00

Pest Control in Schools: IPM


Your kids are precious and mean the world to you. And we know that you would do anything and everything to keep them safe. As parents ourselves, we feel the same way, which is why we believe that pesticides should be used as a last resort when dealing with pests. Here’s [...]

Pest Control in Schools: IPM2021-07-06T14:39:02-05:00

Bed Bug Prevention for Hospitality


In the hospitality industry, any kind of pest or rodent infestations could mean a significant decrease in business. Bed bugs specifically have become a serious issue within this industry space. Bed bug infestations can and do happen before staff is even aware that the problem exists. This means it’s extremely important for [...]

Bed Bug Prevention for Hospitality2021-07-06T14:50:19-05:00

Rodents in Retail


As we approach the end of a long holiday retail season, we’re sure you and your crew are exhausted. With inventory and stock rooms a bit of a mess, the last thing you want to find are rodents nesting. Rodents can be extremely destructive, as they can both cause thousands of [...]

Rodents in Retail2021-07-06T16:24:27-05:00

Pantry Pests – don’t let unwanted guests eat your bulk food


As the people in Pittsburgh’s North Hills become increasingly dedicated to their health and quality of life, many are buying more real food and cooking their meals themselves. To keep this practice affordable, people often purchase food in bulk and store it at home – which is a great strategy, [...]

Pantry Pests – don’t let unwanted guests eat your bulk food2021-07-17T11:50:10-05:00

Overwintering Stink Bugs – what to do


Overwintering Stink Bugs: What to do About Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs As Thanksgiving Day draws near, many of us are getting ready for an influx of guests. Unfortunately, in the midst of preparing for fun and festivities, some people are discovering a different and much less welcome type of visitor [...]

Overwintering Stink Bugs – what to do2021-07-06T21:23:30-05:00

Holes in clothes – Why are my sweaters full of holes?


Holes in Clothes Have you ever had one of those days when you opened your closet, pulled out your favorite sweater, and found a bunch of little holes in it? Those tiny tears weren’t there before, and you don’t remember abusing the sweater, so why is it suddenly damaged beyond [...]

Holes in clothes – Why are my sweaters full of holes?2021-07-06T21:24:54-05:00
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