Keep Mice Outside This Fall


Fall is a time for pumpkin spice lattes, cozy sweaters... and uninvited houseguests. As the temperature drops and the days get shorter, mice and other small critters start seeking out warm places to build their nests. If your home is on their list of potential housing options, you're in for a long (and hairy) [...]

Keep Mice Outside This Fall2022-10-19T07:19:54-05:00

Mouse Control in the Restaurant


As a business owner, the last issue you want to deal with is mouse control. The pesky problems not only create issues as a safety hazard but also tarnishes the business's reputation. Mice and other rodents can carry diseases, putting employees and customers at risk. There are food service health codes placed as well to [...]

Mouse Control in the Restaurant2021-07-05T11:50:59-05:00

How do rodents get inside your home?


Where did these rodents come from? A common question, often asked by homeowners, is "How do rats and mice get into my home?" Every year, hundreds of thousands of rodent infestations are reported across the United States. Some of the causes of these invasions can be simple enough: rats and mice are attracted to [...]

How do rodents get inside your home?2022-01-11T15:11:24-05:00

How to limit Squirrel Damage


Squirrel Damage is in season. Its that time of year in Western Pennsylvania. Some of our clients report that they have to watch for overhead squirrels.  They seem to be intent on dropping acorns on them as they enjoy the wonderful fall weather that we have been having this year. How do you identify squirrel [...]

How to limit Squirrel Damage2021-11-22T19:16:51-05:00

Getting ready for fall – rodent protection


The time to plan for rodent protection is fast approaching. Yes, we know it is still summertime, but it will not be long before the temperatures drop and rodents in your yard are trying to find a warm home for the winter. Why care about Rodent Protection? Rodents carry disease. These diseases can be [...]

Getting ready for fall – rodent protection2021-07-05T16:47:50-05:00

Hospital Pest Control


Hospitals already have enough to worry about and focus on, a bug or other pest infestation is the last thing a hospital staff needs. As a means of safety, hospital patients and staff need a sterile environment, free from any kind of pest. Now more than ever, pest control is crucial [...]

Hospital Pest Control2021-07-06T10:58:56-05:00

Mole and Shrew Issues and Rodent Control


As a property owner, you know the pride that comes after working hard on landscaping. The last thing you want is for unwanted burrowers to make a mess out of your effort. Moles and shrews alike utilize tunnels to survive. These tunnels can cause damage to your property’s underground root system [...]

Mole and Shrew Issues and Rodent Control2021-07-06T11:07:42-05:00
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