How do I know we have termite damage?


Termite Damage can cost thousands of dollars to remediate and repair.  What can the homeowner do to assess the risk?  It is easy to inspect your home and determine if you have any of the most common signs of termite damage. What at the signs of a potential termite infestation? There are five major signs [...]

How do I know we have termite damage?2021-11-22T19:13:11-05:00

Opening your business after COVID


COVID is still around but summer is over and in some cases here in Western Pennsylvania, the kids are back in school. In the north hills of Pittsburgh and southern Butler County many office spaces are now reopening.  We are social beings and we need to be around one another more then we might have [...]

Opening your business after COVID2021-07-05T06:30:04-05:00

Hospitality Pest Control


Hospitality pest control is tough even in the best of times.  Throw COVID-19 into the mix and now you have even more reason to look carefully about how you treat your facility.  This is true for bed and breakfasts, Air BnB, hotels, motels, and any other facility that rents sleeping accommodations to the public. Being [...]

Hospitality Pest Control2021-07-05T08:11:08-05:00

Healthcare Pest Control


For healthcare pest control at Boo's Bug Stoppers, we provide an integrated pest management approach tailored to your specific needs. Pest control companies have been responsible for treating Flu, MRSA, bacteria, and virus outbreaks in schools, hospitals, and businesses.  At Boo's we treat nursing homes as part of our regular pest control and disinfecting services. [...]

Healthcare Pest Control2021-07-05T17:12:41-05:00

Bats and Histoplasmosis


Bats can get a bad reputation; however, they are crucial to our environment. They are a beneficial part of the ecosystem, as their diet consists of insects. Bats can eat 4500 insects in one night. As humans continue to destroy their habitats, they are seeking new spaces to seek refuge. Now [...]

Bats and Histoplasmosis2021-07-06T10:37:43-05:00

Fruit Fly Control in Restaurants


The last thing a restaurant owner/manager wants to see is a customer waving fruit flies while they dine. Even worse, they definitely don’t want to see are flies on in drinks or food. This can, and usually does, lead to negative online reviews and other reputation damages. Even if you regularly [...]

Fruit Fly Control in Restaurants2021-07-06T10:49:19-05:00

Hospital Pest Control


Hospitals already have enough to worry about and focus on, a bug or other pest infestation is the last thing a hospital staff needs. As a means of safety, hospital patients and staff need a sterile environment, free from any kind of pest. Now more than ever, pest control is crucial [...]

Hospital Pest Control2021-07-06T10:58:56-05:00

Mole and Shrew Issues and Rodent Control


As a property owner, you know the pride that comes after working hard on landscaping. The last thing you want is for unwanted burrowers to make a mess out of your effort. Moles and shrews alike utilize tunnels to survive. These tunnels can cause damage to your property’s underground root system [...]

Mole and Shrew Issues and Rodent Control2021-07-06T11:07:42-05:00

Treatment for Bed Bugs


Bed bug infestations numbers have been climbing across the U.S. in the last 15 years. These unpleasant roommates hide very well and can multiply extremely quickly. If you’re like most, you may have noticed the signs of bed bug bites without realizing you even had a problem. These signs include [...]

Treatment for Bed Bugs2021-07-06T11:42:26-05:00
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