How do I know we have termite damage?


Termite Damage can cost thousands of dollars to remediate and repair.  What can the homeowner do to assess the risk?  It is easy to inspect your home and determine if you have any of the most common signs of termite damage. What at the signs of a potential termite infestation? There are five major signs [...]

How do I know we have termite damage?2021-11-22T19:13:11-05:00

Termites or water damage – how to tell


Termites in Western Pennsylvania Water-Damaged Wood in Western Pennsylvania is Attracting Termites. Here’s How to Protect Your Building. In the wake of the heavy rain and subsequent flooding that recently swept across western Pennsylvania, many homes and business buildings are still suffering from residual water damage. Unfortunately, the harm to [...]

Termites or water damage – how to tell2021-07-06T22:07:24-05:00
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