Preventing Wildlife Issues in Schools


Our kids spend roughly 950 hours in school each year. Those hours should be allocated to learning, creating, sharing, and understanding. They should not be wasted on wildlife pests and problems like raccoons, bats, and birds. Here are a few ways to protect our kids by preventing wildlife issues in schools. [...]

Preventing Wildlife Issues in Schools2021-07-06T17:47:18-05:00

Bat Exclusion and Removal


Little brown bats are the most commonly found species of bats in Pennsylvania. As they are an animal with migrating habits, more often than not, many misdiagnose an infestation with a “resting place.” Colonies of bats range in numbers but can reach the hundreds. More often than not, these migrating creatures [...]

Bat Exclusion and Removal2021-07-06T19:09:32-05:00
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