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What should be treated by sanitizing and disinfecting and how often?

In terms of frequency for sanitizing and disinfecting treatment, OSHA has specific recommendations for a variety of industries. These cover how to protect your workers or yourself from the hazards of using the chemicals needed to disinfect and sanitize your facility.

What And How perform Sanitizing And Disinfecting?

Treat both hard surfaces and soft surfaces in your facility for COVID. Depending on the chemicals selected for disinfecting and sanitizing your property, some different times and precautions must be followed. The above link from OSHA tells you how to protect yourself or your employee. The EPA has an excellent summary of the time needed for surfaces to be wet.  These vary by the product used from 2 to 20 minutes. One point to remember when looking at these products is a warning in red from the EPA site. “These products are for use on surfaces, NOT humans.”

  • Daily – cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces

  • Do a deep sanitizing and disinfecting prior to re-opening

  • Regularly perform sanitizing and disinfecting  services to your commercial workspace for the protection of your customers and your employees

  • Consider weekly, bi-weekly and monthly treatment options for deep sanitizing and disinfecting of your business

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Why Choose Boo for Sanititzing and Disinfecting Services?

The EPA classifies the recommended products for the treatment of coronavirus as pesticides.  Boo’s Bug Stoppers has decided to extend our pest control activities to include coronavirus treatment in addition to our other pest treatment plans. At Boo’s we can handle your treatment needs safely and eliminate the risk of your employee’s exposure to hazardous materials.

  • Highly trained professional technicians

  • Convenient Service times

  • Guaranteed results or we re-treat

  • No long term contracts

  • One time, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly options

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Boo’s Sanitizing and Disinfecting Offerings

If you read any of the materials in the links above, you can see that the information is evolving and is confusing.  The clients that have chosen us over a cleaning service that has just gotten into the sanitizing and disinfecting services space have done so because we are experts in pest control. And make no mistake about it, a virus-like COVID-19 is a pest.  Daily, you should clean and treat surfaces as wholly as you can. Still, we recommend that regularly you completely clean and sanitize your commercial workspace for the protection of your customers and your employees.

At Boo’s Bug Stoppers we are a complete pest control company.  We can handle sanitizing and disinfecting of your business as we take care of other pest control needs. Now that it is time to get back to the workplace and as churches, community centers, offices, and schools prepare to reopen, trust Boo’s Bug Stoppers to allow you to follow all CDC and State guidelines to prevent  COVID and the spread of disease.

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