crawling insects



Ants are some of the most annoying and prevalent crawling insects in the Western Pennsylvania area. You can visit our Seasonal Insect Control page to learn more about the types of ants that may try to invade your home.

Rest assured that whether you suspect carpenter ants of chewing through the wood that holds your house together, or you have odorous house ants hunting for food in your kitchen, our ant exterminators can find a solution to the issue.

Serving Beaver, Butler, Lawrence and Northern Allegheny Counties, Boo’s Bugs Stoppers specializes in the control and removal of bed bugs. In order for bed bugs to infest in a home or building, they must be transported. This means that bed bugs are brought into the home by people, whether it be on luggage or clothing. Bed bugs can also enter the home on infested secondhand furniture, clothing, or electronics. This is why bed bug infestations have become commonplace in public areas such as hotels, airplanes, buses, movie theaters, and schools.



It’s very common, especially in rural settings, to find a random Pennsylvania Wood Roach in a home or business any time throughout the year. Although these roaches can get rather large and can be frightening to the homeowner who discovers them, these roaches are only considered occasional invaders and won’t infest your home. They will usually get into your house by randomly wandering in, or can also be brought into the house with firewood in the wintertime. In commercial buildings or food service buildings, these roaches can be introduced in boxes and packaging as well as through floor drains as they can travel via the sewage system.


In Western PA,  flea infestations usually don’t occur in the home until mid-to-late summer, and they usually peak in late summer/early fall. Most of these infestations involve the common cat flea or dog flea. These pests are picked up by our pets when we let them outside. Once the larva hatch, they will feed off of organic matter in their immediate environment and seek dark places to take refuge. In optimal conditions, the larva will be ready to spin its cocoon in as few as five days. Once the flea has reached this pupae stage it will remain in its protective cocoon for several days to several weeks depending on conditions. These cocoons have a very sticky coating that allows them to cling to fabric or carpeting, even if you vacuum it! The cocoon is also very strong and will protect the flea from many chemical treatments. 



Creepy crawling insects like Cellar Spiders, Daddy Longlegs, Hobo Spiders, House Spiders, Jumping Spiders, and Wolf Spiders can be active in the home, garage shed, or crawlspace year-round and can definitely be found outside the home during the warm weather months of the year. While none of these spiders are notorious for being poisonous, it’s important to remember that all spiders have venom and when they bite, people and pets can have a severe reaction.

Termites are a common problem in Western Pennsylvania and can cause severe damage to your home if allowed to breed undisturbed. Boo’s Bug Stoppers is an expert insect control company with many years of experience dealing with termite infestations. Don’t allow these pests to damage your beloved home!


Stored food pests

This may be shocking to most people, but many packaged food products that we purchase from the grocery store contain insect eggs. These are known as “stored product pests.” If the food product sits undisturbed/uneaten for a period of time in the right conditions, an infestation may break out in your kitchen or food storage area. Many of these eggs can remain dormant for long periods of time before hatching occurs. Scary, right?