Doctor Dead Bug was one of the biggest locally owned pest control companies in our area.  They were recently sold to a company that is servicing their former customers from outside of our area. The new company does not provide the same locally-focused attention as Doctor Dead Bug did.

The new company also provides Integrated Pest Management as the primary offering. This is set up to provide an efficient delivery mechanism for the larger geographically diverse company that now ‘owns’ these customers. This is having a service level difference show up for these previous customers.  This is especially true in the restaurant, fast food, bar, and lounge business where flies and other pests are extremely annoying to customers.

Boo’s Bug Stoppers prides itself in offering customers the ability to customize the approach taken and the products used. At Boo’s we want to make sure that you are getting the service level effectiveness that you are used to.  We will work with you on things like the time of services, the products used, and follow-up treatments to guarantee results to these former Dr. Dead Bug Customers and others.