Food Service pest control in 2020 is a whole new world.  COVID and the restrictions for bars, restaurants, and fast food businesses in Pittsburgh and the surrounding counties of Beaver, Butler, and Lawrence Counties have never been like this.  This is not the time for your place of business to have a pest problem.  Customers are hyper-sensitive to the potential of transferring disease into their homes from any source.  As we write this blog, we are aware of the uptick in the desire for people to get back to normal.  We were just at a fast-food restaurant in Cranberry Twp.  Today they had at least twenty people waiting for order pickup today at lunchtime.  If you are the owners of any takeaway food service outlet, you know your employees have turned into production machines and they do not have the time to clean up as diligently as they should be.

Food Service Pest Control

It comes as no surprise that, restaurants – from fast food to white table cloth establishments – are natural magnets for pests. These outlets provide easy access to an abundance of food sources in a temperature-controlled environment, which is ideal for pests to thrive in. While a number of species can be problematic in foodservice settings, rodents, cockroaches, flies, and pantry pests tend to be of the utmost concern for restaurant owners and operators. And, with good reason, as an infestation can result in food contamination, fines from health departments, customers freaking out in your shop and temporary or permanent closure, in the most severe cases.

COVID and other virus Sanitation and Disinfecting

When you consider an integrated pest control management system for Food Service, do not forget COVID.  Make sure that your pest control company works with you to optimize your COVID sanitation and disinfecting treatments. Ensure that they are providing you receive high-quality service from skilled, knowledgeable technicians. You will want to make sure that product applications are done in accordance with CDC, EPA, and PA guidelines.  Ensure you keep your employees, and your customers safe.

The Boo’s Approach to Food Service Pest Control

You choose how often you want treatment to take place in your business or center. This includes our integrated pest control management as well as our specialized sanitation and disinfecting services.  Our flexible approach including “on-demand retreatment” is designed to fit into your needs as we all respond to the evolving requirements for disinfecting and sanitizing. And trust Boos Bug Stoppers to be aware of the changing conditions and regulations as this situation evolves. Pest control is our only business.

Most of our customers use monthly treatment and when they have us add on our sanitation services. They choose the frequency that they feel most comfortable with. The frequency can be weekly, monthly, or on-demand.  No two food service businesses are the same. Let Boo’s Bug Stoppers send one of our expert staff members to your business to develop a customized plan. Contact us today.