Food Services

Why You Need
Monthly Pest Control

Even the cleanest of kitchens and dining areas have food morsels and crumbs that fall into the smallest cracks and crevices which can provide a consistent food source for insects and rodents. Insect and rodent problems can be introduced at any given time with your daily or weekly food & supply shipments. Garbage dumpsters outside your establishment are a constant attractant for both insects and rodents, drawing them closer to your establishment. And kitchen employees will often leave a door or window cracked for ventilation, leaving easy access for insects and rodents to enter your establishment. Not to forget, a negative customer review about an insect or rodent problem in your establishment could cost you thousands of dollars in lost business and reputation repair.

Why Choose Boo's?

Let’s be honest, all professional pest control company’s have access to the same products.
Here is why Food Service establishments switch to Boo’s and stay with Boo’s:


Our highly trained technicians know their stuff.  We know the pests we are after, we know the products we are using, and we provide our service in accordance with the law to keep your establishment, your customers, and your employees safe.


Technicians are always glad to educate you and your employees on pest issues so you can establish preventative maintenance to lower the likelihood of pest problems.


We will set up your service when it’s most convenient with your schedule.  We realize it’s important to keep our service discreet and keep your reputation intact.

services we provide


insect protection

including cockroaches,
ants, spiders, etc.



including fruit flies, drain flies, & other seasonal flies



including mice, rats,
moles, and shrews



including wasps, hornets, yellow jackets etc.

The price of the treatment depends on the size of both the infestation and the business. Inspection is needed to provide an accurate price quote. Contact us for more information.