The last thing a restaurant owner/manager wants to see is a customer waving fruit flies while they dine. Even worse, they definitely don’t want to see are flies on in drinks or food. This can, and usually does, lead to negative online reviews and other reputation damages. Even if you regularly clean your restaurant from top to bottom, without active prevention, fruit flies will likely continue to buzz around. Here are some steps you can follow to help get rid of annoying fruit flies in your restaurant.


Sanitation is the first step in eliminating fruit flies. Make sure to disinfect and clean all areas of the restaurant. This includes bar mats, sinks, pantries – anywhere food or drinks have been or are stored. Make sure that floors are cleaned nightly and make sure excessive water dried (fruit flies need moist areas to lay their eggs!). Check the floor drains as food can accumulate there. If food has accumulated in the drains, they should be scrubbed and flushed.

Take Out the Trash

This step might seem obvious, but make sure all trash is removed after each shift. And definitely make sure that there is no food or drink residue left in the cans overnight. When this isn’t a part of the restaurant’s closing routine, you are giving fruit flies a great place to lay their eggs. Finally, continually check the status of the trash cans themselves. Make a habit of rinsing them out every so often – especially when there is food or drink residue left behind.

Secure Coverings

It is common for restaurants to utilize pour spouts for quicker drink serving. And while we know you need them free during serving hours, make sure they are covered once the last shift is over. When they are left open, flies attracted to the sugar will find their way in to contaminate the bottles. All wine and beer taps should be covered as well.

This also goes for any food or garnishes that are normally left out during operation hours. Once the restaurant shuts down for the night, dispose or seal all leftovers accordingly to make sure flies can’t penetrate them.

Close Doors and Windows

A common protocol for all pest control is to make sure all openings are sealed to outside critters. Restaurants are no exception. Make sure doors and windows have screens or that they are kept closed. If this still isn’t helping your fruit fly situation, do an inspection to make sure there are no other openings in which fruit flies can get in!

Fruit Fly Control for Restaurants with Boo’s

Fruit flies breed and thrive in moist areas and decaying food. It is important that you call Boo’s for inspection. We can evaluate the situation and develop a treatment plan. With our treatment plan and proper sanitation, you will have a pest-free facility.

We know a pest infestation is the last thing you want to deal with. Our effective and affordable food services pest control will save you hours of work and frustration. To protect your business from fruit flies and other pests, call us today at (724) 601-3223. Or email us here to arrange a time for us to give you a free inspection and quote.

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