The time to plan for rodent protection is fast approaching. Yes, we know it is still summertime, but it will not be long before the temperatures drop and rodents in your yard are trying to find a warm home for the winter.

Why care about Rodent Protection?

Rodents carry disease. These diseases can be transmitted to us by bites or more likely from the food contamination from the feces, saliva, or urine of the rodents. And, like our friend in the picture, they have been known to chew on wires. According to the folks at, the three most common rodents are the House Mouse, the Norway Rat, and the Roof rat.  But here in the deeply wooded areas in western Pennsylvania that we service, it is likely that you will find other types of rodents like the white-footed mouse, deer mouse, or pack rats.

Rodent protection – what can you do?

The CDC offers suggestions for the control of rodents that you can review if you want to be proactive.  They recommend three things for rodent protection:

  1. Eliminate any food sources for rodents.  We know that your kids are completely helpful in that regard.
  2. Sealing even the smallest entries into homes. We know that that can be maddening when you consider how small a hole a mouse can slip through. It is 1/4 inch if you were wondering – about the size of a pencil.
  3. Successfully trapping rodents in and around the home. Remember where you put those traps. We had a customer that had a strange smell in the suspended ceiling of his home office space. Turns out, he forgot where he placed all of the traps.

How does Boo’s Bug Stoppers treat these critters?

Our approach to rodent control is to stop them from coming into the house by trapping them outside of the house. We install bait stations around the perimeter of your home. We then visit on a regular schedule to replace the bat traps.

The unwanted potential home guests ingest the bait and die outside of your home.  They expire before they become a problem for you.

The advantages to our approach:

  1. The problem is prevented ahead of time
  2. There is no poison or trap set in the home so pets are not affected
  3. Whichever spouse is afraid of seeing dead critters in traps is happy

For a free assessment of your rodent control challenges please contact us. For more information on how we service retail businesses. or in warehouses please check out previous blogs. And if you have moles or shrews that you need to control we also offer specific programs for those rodents.

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Boos Bug Stoppers Appointment Request