Hospitals already have enough to worry about and focus on, a bug or other pest infestation is the last thing a hospital staff needs. As a means of safety, hospital patients and staff need a sterile environment, free from any kind of pest. Now more than ever, pest control is crucial for hospitals and other health care centers to prevent other spreadable diseases and other health code violations. Below is how Boo’s Bug Stoppers keeps your hospital clean and safe through proper hospital pest control.

Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail

When it comes to pest control, a pest maintenance plan is the best program for hospitals. Regular and consistent maintenance is the best form of pest prevention. This first, and most crucial, step in a maintenance plan is to do a thorough inspection of the hospital. During this time, our trained professionals look for the areas of the current and potential infestation. We determine how the infestation got access to the building in the first place as well as how to keep it from happening again.

Act Fast and Act Calmly

Once an inspection has been done, we will then develop a plan of action. At Boo’s Bug Stoppers, pesticides are not our first approach to eliminate an infestation due to safety reasons. When possible, we use non-chemical methods to rid the hospital of any infestations. Some non-chemical methods include- sanitation, exclusion, steam treatments, vacuuming, and removing the actual insects.

Keeping Communication and Accurate Records

It is crucial to keep good communication with all staff and maintenance workers. These are the people that are in the hospital every day. It is also key to keep accurate records of past and present pest sightings. This way, the maintenance program can be adjusted and kept up to date to make sure all pests are removed and keep the hospital protected.

Hospital Pest Control with Boo’s Bug Stoppers

We know a pest infestation is the last thing you want to deal with. Our effective and affordable commercial services pest control will save you hours of work and frustration. To protect your business from pests, call us today at (724) 601-3223. Or email us here to arrange a time for us to give you a free inspection and quote.

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Boos Bug Stoppers Appointment Request