Hospitality pest control is tough even in the best of times.  Throw COVID-19 into the mix and now you have even more reason to look carefully about how you treat your facility.  This is true for bed and breakfasts, Air BnB, hotels, motels, and any other facility that rents sleeping accommodations to the public. Being in the hospitality industry means making people feel at home away from home. However, there are some factors that contribute to losing business. Pests are one of them. From bed bugs in guest rooms to rodents on your property or fruit flies in your dining room, even one pest can ruin your reputation.

What to look for?

There is no one size fits all solutions for hospitality pest control. When you start to look at companies, make sure that they can offer services for all of your needs. These will vary based on the environment and your past history with pests.  Be sure to look at sanitation and disinfecting as well as treatment for bed bugs, rodents, fruit flies, ants, and other pests.  Here in Western Pennsylvania, we have a number of unique environmental pest control areas that national companies tend to overlook.  Make sure that you partner with a company that can offer you a complete solution for your varied pest control needs.

Boo’s Bug Stoppers Hospitality Pest Control

With our Integrated Pest Management Program, we will help you eliminate pests.  Most of our hospitality services are done on a monthly basis. At Boo’s Bug Stoppers, treatments are designed around each customer’s needs, their environment, unique requirements, and pest history. When needed, Bed bug treatments are discounted on an as-need basis with a monthly service agreement.
For both traditional pest control and our sanitation services, common areas are be treated including entryways, hallways, public bathrooms, kitchens, laundry, and lobby. If a customer requires it, rooms can be included in the agreement. Besides maintaining your reputation, Boo’s pest control services can help you avoid both fines and lawsuits from unsatisfied guests. Contact Boo’s Bug Stoppers to help you create a great experience for each and every guest.