Termite Damage can cost thousands of dollars to remediate and repair.  What can the homeowner do to assess the risk?  It is easy to inspect your home and determine if you have any of the most common signs of termite damage.

What at the signs of a potential termite infestation?

There are five major signs of termite damage:

  • Hollow sound as you tap on wood
  • Blisters on the wood surface
  • Rippled appearance
  • Mud tunnels
  • and signs of shed wings on your home

I covered the topic of termite damage in more detail if you want more information on a blog two years ago.

What can you do to prevent possible termite damage?

If you have checked out your home and you see no signs of termite damage – great.  Here are some things that you can do to prevent possible damage to your home.

  • Make sure that mulch does not touch the side of your home. Ideally, it is four inches away from the foundation.  To do this you might want to avoid triple black mulch and go with one that is closer in color to the soil.
  • Make sure woodpiles are more than twenty feet away from the house. This might make you need to plan ahead for firewood when it snows but it will keep your home safe.
  • Make sure that bushes are two feet away from the home.  Consult with your landscape experts so that you trim them the proper time fo the year for the variety of shrubs that you have.
  • Keep drainage systems routed away from your house.  Now is a good time of the year to inspect these as you get ready for winter.
  • Check your home for water leaks or areas where moisture is building up and eliminate them. This will pay dividends in ways not limited to termite damage.

What can you do if you find termite damage?

Don’t delay, the longer the problem exists the more damage is done, call a pest control professional like Boo’s Bug Stoppers to inspect your home and stop further damge.  For more information on our termite damage control offerings or contact us for a free estimate today.

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