Today, as consumers return to visit your business establishment, preventing pest infestation is a key business priority.  Public health has never been more top of mind to consumers, especially in foodservice. There are four main ways to prevent pest infestations at your establishment – sanitation, exclusion, removal, and preventative devices:

  • Sanitation – It’s imperative to keep your establishment clean and sanitary to keep pests at bay. Frequently removing trash and cleaning surfaces regularly are just a couple of ways to ensure sanitation.  In an era of COVID-19, it might be improving on your own efforts to expand on this by using commercial sanitation and disinfecting service.
  • Exclusion – Keeping pests out of your business is key to eliminating infestations. Using traps, poisons, and repellents around the perimeter of your establishment do just that. Additionally, sealing entry points will keep pests from entering.  You can place traps supplied and managed by a commercial pest company to prevent one of the most visible pest infestations.
  • Preventative Devices – Repellents will keep pests away from your building before they become a problem. These products are placed near doorways and other areas of entry. This will prevent a pest infestation in your foodservice business.
  • Removal – some pests are protected – such as bats.  To treat these, you must have them removed and relocated.

What are common pest infestation problems for foodservice?

There are many pest infestation sources in foodservice. These pests can destroy food stores, result in health violations, cause the spread of bacteria and disease, and destroy your reputation. The following are the most common pest infestation problems for food service:


Cockroaches are usually found in dark, damp places.  These include behind appliances, sinks, underdrains, or inside motors. Cockroaches usually enter through small holes in the building or are delivered free with your food order.  These pests can carry bacteria and leave it on the surface of the food that is served to your customers.


Flies actually are known to spread hundreds of pathogens and parasites. While they do not bite humans they land on food and leave residual that causes disease.


Mosquitoes are known to bite humans in order to get blood.  In doing so they transmit harmful, and sometimes fatal, diseases, including Zika virus, yellow fever, dengue, and malaria.


Rodents are hard to miss or ignore on the part of your customers.  I am sure you have seen movies in which a restaurant was ruined by a mouse planted by a competitor or a former employee. They carry viruses, bacteria, and other diseases.  If that is not bad enough, mice and rats can chew into wires and create holes in walls for more pests to enter.


Here in Western Pennsylvania with more and more people eating outdoors in your venue, bees can be a pest to your customers.  This is true in the spring with carpenter bees which are not dangerous to be around.  But they are big and can be bothersome.  In the fall especially bees love to hang out as your customers are eating their meal. If you have a bee infestation, you need to call a pest control professional that specializes in bee and wasp treatment.

Do you need a professional?

We all want to save money, but sometimes the best solution is to seek professional advice and solutions. It is best to call a professional to eliminate your pest infestation problems when dangerous or protected pests are the cause.  This is true for bees. wasps, or bats.

Who are you going to call?

Boo’s Bug Stoppers Foodservice Pest Program is the most effective pest program for the foodservice industry. The Boo’s program is designed to fit your unique needs. In addition to providing protection from ants, cockroaches, and rodents, the program also includes a fly management program to control the industry’s most notorious pest.

Boo’s Pest Control Designed For Restaurants and Foodservice Operators

  • Protects your reputation in the eyes of your customer
  • Provides peace of mind related to pests and the problems they cause
  • Support your goals to be competitive and profitable with a pest-free environment
  • Provide your restaurants with a customized and complete pest management program
  • Provides optional sanitation and disinfecting services

Our program safeguards your western Pennsylvania locations from pest infestation with a complete level of protection for your properties, with solutions for:

  • Flies
  • Mice and rats
  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Bee’s
  • Termites
  • Bats

And in a Post COVID world at Boo’s we offer complete sanitation and disinfection services as an added precaution.  Why not call Boo’s today for a free quote and another set of eyes to look at your business.  Boo’s Bug Stoppers is locally owned and committed to the area northwest of Pittsburgh.

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Tesa Robbins from Pixabay


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