In a Hole
with moles?

mole and shrew treatments?

Tired of wasting money on bait for moles and grub treatments, only to have moles come back time and time again? Using these methods, it’s difficult to know if your baits and sprays work at all. We have the best solution for real results. Our traps are safe for kids and pets! We use them on our mole jobs for customers because they get results and catch anything coming through the tunnel. Traps are set underground inside mole tunnels without chemicals being sprayed on your lawn where your kids and pets play!

Boo's Under
ground Traps Catch


Moles dig tunnels underground constantly foraging for food. They cause unsightly damage to yards by mounding up dirt, damaging roots, and killing grass and shrubbery.


During the winter shrews head underground for warmth. They dig into trunks and roots. Their tunneling kills or damages trees, shrubs, underground piping, and lines.