As a business owner, the last issue you want to deal with is mouse control. The pesky problems not only create issues as a safety hazard but also tarnishes the business’s reputation. Mice and other rodents can carry diseases, putting employees and customers at risk. There are food service health codes placed as well to protect people’s health and safety. The key to mouse control is to take precautionary measures to ensure your business runs smoothly.

Signs of Rodents

Being able to spot the rodents early on gives you more time to take to deal with the issues. Mice and other rodents are drawn to restaurants from the garbage to leftover food scraps. Detecting you have an issue with rodents is the first step into handling the uninvited pests.

  • Gnaw marks on restaurant furnishings & equipment
  • Droppings in pantries & other areas frequented by rodents
  • Dumpsters nearby property
  • Grease markings on restaurant walls
  • Damaged food packaging
  • Noises indicating rodent activity

The Dangers of Rodents

Pests of any kind in the restaurant business can be a nightmare. Rodents can transmit diseases they carry onto people such as employees and customers of the business. Not only can they affect the morale of employees and customers, but they spread disease and can cause a list of other issues if left unhandled.

  • Mice affect the morale of the business and the sighting of a rodent can create undue stress for employees. Anyone who is naturally afraid of the rodents will be unhappy to see they are working their shift with a mouse.
  • Rodents can sabotage the business’s reputation. Any customer who would come into contact with a mouse are often impelled to leave negative reviews of the establishment.
  • Health threats become an issue once the rodents claim their territory. Mice carry diseases and can be spread through their fur, droppings, and urine. The diseases can be transmitted to humans, putting anyone who has contact with the mice or their droppings at risk.
  • Property can be damaged from mice since their nature is to chew anything in their way. Packages, food, and wires can be damaged and ruined from rodents tearing through.

Mouse control by keeping them outside

Once you have determined to get rid of the rodents, there are steps that can be taken to combat the issue. Being persistent and investing time into the methods is essential to consider.

  • Control any cracks

    Sealing any open cracks, holes, and crevices stops rodents from being able to sneak inside. Staying on top of any repairs within the building can reduce the number of run-ins with rodents. It is beneficial to seal any exterior cracks and holes no matter the size.

  • Declutter any garbage or trash

    Keeping any trash contained and clean wares off rodents from being attracted. Mice are drawn to leftover scraps of food so it is imperative to routinely dispose of trash.

  • Contain all food and water

    Securing any open food containers in the restaurant can be tedious but important to keep rodents from accessing. Keeping an eye out as well for any crumbs or scraps that have fallen should be discarded sooner than later.

  • Stay persistent on the upkeep of the landscape

    Removing any weeds and maintaining the grass height avoids mice from being able to live outside your business. Not to mention the inviting upkeep of the exterior brings in more customers and fewer rodents.

Cleaning the aftermath

Once you have determined there are no more rodents to deal with, it is time to start cleaning up. Ventilate the area prior to allow fresh air to enter the area. The CDC has a recommended procedure for cleaning up the mess after an infestation.

  • Wear gloves when cleaning and be prepared to throw away any rags you use. Paper towels are a good choice, especially for this first step.
  • Ventilate the room for several minutes before you begin and continue to air it out after you finish.
  • Spray disinfectant on the surface with the droppings and allow it to soak in for a few minutes. Pick up the droppings with a paper towel and put them in the garbage.
  • Use the spraying/soaking procedure for any dead rodents or nesting materials that remain in the area, as well.
  • Clean the floors and surfaces in the entire room with disinfectant. Do not sweep or vacuum to avoid stirring up airborne particles.

Need help with mouse control?

If the issue is out of your control and you are seeking help from a specialist, please contact us, Boo’s Bug Stoppers for our rodent and mouse control program. Boo’s Bug Stoppers Restaurant Pest Program is the most effective pest program for the foodservice industry. Boo’s program is designed to fit your unique needs. In addition to providing protection from ants, cockroaches, and rodents, the program also includes a fly management program to control the industry’s most notorious pest.

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