How I Got Rid of a Three-Year Mouse Problem

You know what’s worse than finding out you have mice in your house? Continuing to find them on a regular basis for three frustrating years, no matter what you do to deter them! That’s what happened to a family in Bradfordwoods PA, before they hired my pest and rodent control company to get rid of their mouse problem.

What to Do After You’ve Tried Everything

There’s a variety of do-it-yourself mouse control options available, such as plugging possible entry points, setting traps, and removing rodents’ food sources and shelters, and they can be effective for small infestations – but not for this one.

This family tried everything they could think of to get rid of the scurrying invaders, but no matter how many rodent control devices and strategies they used, the mice just kept finding their way into the house, year after year.

A Mouse in Your House Isn’t a Dr. Seuss Story

Having mice in your house creates a variety of hazards, ranging from inconvenient to potentially life-threatening.

Mice spoil large quantities of food by nibbling on multiple items. They leave trails of disease-bearing droppings. Mice create unsightly smudges and gnaw marks on your walls and belongings. Heck, they can even set your house on fire by chewing the insulation off of wires! On top of that, they have no respect for culture and holidays. When the family saw mice scrambling through the Dickens Village in their family room at Christmas, it got to be too much.

They decided it was time to get rid of this infestation, once and for all.

When It’s Time to Call Mr. Rodent Pest Control

I went to their property to inspect the problem. However, I realized that the root of the problem wasn’t actually the mice. Rather it was the huge mouse population in the woods on their property. Not to mention the overhanging trees that gave the rodents a convenient bridge from the trees to their house.

Yes, they were able to get rid of the house-dwelling mice. However, there was an endless horde of the critters still living in the forest. Many which would be driven inside when the weather got cold.

To solve this problem, I took a different approach to trapping the mice. Instead of placing rodent control devices in places like the attic, I set them strategically outside the house. Allowing the traps to intercept the animals before they got inside. Within a short time, my weight bait station traps had done their job. And the family saw no evidence of mice inside the home. That was four years ago. And the house has continued to be mouse-free as long as I’ve been serving its occupants.

On top of creating a safer and more comfortable environment for the family, it also helped them greatly when it came time to sell the house. It’s much easier to get a good price on a building when the buyers don’t see mice running around in the family room!

Does this Rodent Pest Control Problem Sound Familiar?

Trapping mice takes a lot of skill and strategy. You can’t just scatter traps around and hope the mice wander into them. You need to use the right kind of traps and bait. And you need to put them in places where the mice are likely to get caught.

Why take on this new learning curve and resulting rodent corpses yourself? Instead, call me, Mr. Rodent Pest Control, and I’ll take care of it all for you! Call me today at (724) 601-3223, or email me here to arrange a time for me to give you a free inspection and quote.

*Image is from the customer’s home. Often times with the deer and the trees, rodents aren’t far behind.

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