When you think “pest control”, nursing homes and other living facilities usually don’t come to mind. But the thing is, places such as nursing homes, assisted living, and retirement facilities are extremely unique. Think about it for a second. These spaces have residents of all economic and ethnic backgrounds. These residents’ can range in age from early retirement to their 102nd birthday. Essentially, these facilities are like their own little cities. Those in poor health can be more susceptible to any type of chemical, bacteria, or virus. This is why it is important that when it comes to solving a pest issue, you choose a company that understands everything involved with nursing home pest control

Nursing Homes and Long-Term Residents

Unlike a hospital, nursing homes usually have long-term residents. Off the bat, you will want to make sure any technician working in these spaces knows how to interact with the residents and staff. It can be overwhelming to an average technician without proper communication skills. Too many companies want to get in and get out. They want to spray the baseboards and avoid eye contact and rush through the job.

A technician should make an effort to actually communicate with nursing home residents. Remember, most of the residents are there every single day. They are usually the first to notice some kind of abnormality in the day-to-day maintenance of the facility – and especially if there is a pest infestation.

Involve the Staff with Nursing Home Pest Control 

The staff should also be involved in every opportunity they can be involved in. They should be warned that pesticides should only be used as a last resort. That they first need to eliminate a pest’s potential food source and nesting area. They should also be encouraged to seal off any entry points to prevent a future infestation. A tech could use a variety of monitors and traps as a means to diffuse and resolve the situation. However, the residents’ well-being should always be the first priority.

Nursing Home Pest Control with Boo’s Bug Stoppers

At Boo’s Bug Stoppers, our technicians take the time to listen to facility managers, maintenance personnel, and residents so that we have a better understanding of what problem areas already and could potentially exist.  This allows us to create a treatment plan for each unique pest control situation. Our treatment could include baiting, trapping, exclusion, and sanitation. Any treatment plan requires an inspection in order to provide an accurate price quote. Call or contact us today to set up your free inspection or learn more about how we can help control the pests near your nursing home or arranged living facility.

Boos Bug Stoppers Appointment Request

Boos Bug Stoppers Appointment Request