Summer Pest Prevention

Summer is a great time to have fun with your family, enjoy the great outdoors, work on your tan, and revel in your ability to go outside without having to bundle up.

Unfortunately, it’s also a great time for pests that ruin those activities to thrive, multiply, and possibly even take over your yard and ruin your outdoor fun.

If you want to fully enjoy your summer, and to keep yourself and your family safe from invaders that can cause anything from annoying itching to insect-borne diseases and dangerous allergic or toxic reactions, here are six pest prevention tips you should use this summer

Pest Prevention – Stop the invasion before it starts.

Pools of standing water are essential to the mosquito breeding cycle, so cover or remove any sources of undisturbed water on your property.

Cracks in your foundation can let pests like termites into your home, so it’s important to get those repaired, or at least sealed, as quickly as possible. Similarly, holes in your screen can allow insects to slip in along with the summer air, so those should be patched as soon as you notice them.

Any feature of your property that encourages unwanted animals to breed or sneak into your house increases the chance of a pest problem, and an ounce of prevention can be worth a ton of cure.

Pest Prevention – Watch for signs of infestations.

Different vermin leave different signs of their presence, and knowing how to identify them can help you stop an infestation in its early stages.

Bed bug infestations leave evidence like blood stains on fabrics, eggshells and insect casings where the bugs hide, a musty odor, and bed bug waste on bedding, seats and nearby walls.

Mice give away their presence through gnawed plastic and furniture, tracks, droppings, and musky odors, as well as sightings of the intruders themselves.

If you see yellow jackets rising from the ground in your yard, that probably means they have an underground nest, which might also indicate that there are rodents like moles burrowing in your lawn. They also sometimes make hanging nests, so it’s worthwhile to occasionally walk around your property to check for those.

And while the occasional ant in your house is normal, if you have a large number of them, it’s time to investigate, especially if they’re carpenter ants that tunnel through wood and can cause a lot of structural damage.

Pest Prevention – Act quickly.

pest prevention

As with all living things, pests tend to breed. The sooner you stop the infestation, the fewer intruders you have to deal with.

Procrastination can cost you hundreds of dollars in damaged property, pest control fees for severe infestations, and medical costs if the pests are venomous or disease-bearing, so you’re much better off dealing with the problem before it gets too bad.

Pest Prevention – Stay safe.

Don’t use poisons in areas that your children or pets frequent, or try to deal with hazardous pests like yellow jackets or killer bees yourself.

Even if money is a concern for you, ask yourself how much a hospital stay, a vet bill, or time off work will cost you if the do-it-yourself job goes wrong.

Some pests can be dealt with safely by the homeowner, but if the invaders, the extermination method, or both are hazardous, it’s better to leave it to the professionals.

Pest Prevention – Don’t attract pests.

Food, flavored drinks, or garbage left exposed can cause ants, wasps, mice, and other scavengers to flock to your property.

By keeping a lid on your trash bin and your food either covered or accompanied, you avoid advertising your home as a food source for unwanted visitors.

Pest Prevention – Get professional help.

While many minor pest problems can be dealt with on your own, if it looks like an infestation is established or hazardous, you may need professional help.

Getting help early can also save you money by preventing pests from damaging your property, creating holes that can cause sprained legs and hospital visits, or inflicting venomous bites and stings on you or your family.

And let’s face it: you have lots on your plate already. Would you rather be building your career or spending time with your family than battling stubborn vermin?

We’d be happy to save you time and hassle by taking care of your pest problem for you, so you can go back to living your life.

If you have or suspect you have a vermin problem, visit this page and contact our pest control experts today!