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Boo’s offers full-service bat control and bat removal for these protected animals

Are Bats Driving you Batty – Let Boo remove them

Little brown bats are the most commonly found species of bats in Pennsylvania. As they are an animal with migrating habits, more often than not, many misdiagnose an infestation with a “resting place.” Colonies of bats range in numbers but can reach the hundreds. More often than not, these migrating creatures look for spaces with multiple access points like chimneys, cracks, holes, and vents.  If you have these symptoms you need to call Boo to relocate them.

  • Are Bats flying around inside your home or business?

  • Are you hearing noises like squeaking or scratching in a wall or attic?

  • Do you see bat droppings (guano) in the attic, home or around the exterior?

  • Are you seeing bats flying out of eves, siding or roof of the home at dusk?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, or are you fearful of bats once they’ve been excluded from the structure, you need to call Boo for a free quote on exclusion and confirmation that you have a problem.

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Bat Removal and Exclusion

There are a few methods by which bat exclusion can be done. The use of netting, tubes, or one-way doors are the most common methods of removing bats from a premise. First a professional must locate their existing exit and entry points. They can then use one of these methods to facilitate the process of bats exiting the structure. Utilizing netting is one of the most common ways of evicting bats. That’s because the bats can drop out and fly away, but are unable to crawl back in through the netting. A week is a fair amount of time to make sure all of the bats are gone. The next step is to remove the tubes or netting and seal these areas completely. After this has been done you should carefully remove all fecal matter (aka guano).

If you call Boo’s Bug Stoppers to eliminate bats in your home or building, We will come and remove them because it is illegal to kill bats. In addition – we will make sure your home or business has all potential entry points sealed.

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The best time for Bat Removal and Exclusion

Bat removal and exclusions should be performed in early spring or late fall. The reason being that the female bats give birth to their pups in mid-May.

Here is our approach:

  • We can inspect, catch and remove live bats from inside a home or business

  • We inspect to locate the source of the noise. Once identified we can devise a plan to evict and exclude bats, birds or rodents.

  • We clean up and remove any guano. then we sanitize the areas to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria from the bat guano which can cause serious respiratory issues and disease.

  • We need to locate any openings that are actively being used to enter and exit the structure. It is also very important to locate any other openings that could possibly be used.

  • We seal all gaps, holes or cracks larger than a 1/4 inch. we use 1-way exit cones or screen allow the bats to exit but not re-enter the structure

  • After 7-10 days we return to remove the temporary exit devices and seal these remaining areas

We can provide and install a bat house on the property to give the bats a safe place once they’ve been excluded from the structure.  Give Boo a call today and get a quote for your bat exclusion project.

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