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Boo’s Bug Stoppers offers effective Bed Bug Treatment Plans

Bed Bugs Control – Don’t the them bite

Boo’s Bugs Stoppers specializes in the control and removal of bed bugs. In order for bed bugs to infest in a home or building, they must be transported. Bed Bugs are extremely difficult for the “Do-It-Yourself” homeowner to eliminate with over-the-counter bed bug products. There are many steps that need to be taken to properly treat and eliminate bed bug infestations. We are finding that when a homeowner or inexperienced pest control professional misapplies treatment to a bed bug infestation, bed bugs build up resistance to the misapplied pesticide. This, in turn, makes the infestation even more difficult to control and costlier for the homeowner over time.

  • Bed bugs are brought into the home by people, whether it be on luggage or clothing

  • Bed bugs can also enter the home on infested secondhand furniture, clothing, or electronics

  • This is why bed bug infestations have become commonplace in public areas such as hotels, airplanes, buses, movie theaters, and schools

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Boo’s Bug Stoppers Bed Bug Solution

Our primary offering from Boo’s for Bed Bugs is a chemical treatment that requires three applications.

  • We highly recommend a three-treatment system where we rotate the type of pesticide used each time.

  • Spacing the treatments about 2 weeks apart and rotating products deliver the best results in completely eliminating a bed bug population

  • If you stop service before your 3rd treatment is complete, any resistant bed bug survivors can repopulate, and will become even more difficult to eliminate

In addition to the chemical treatment above we are now offering the Apprehend Treatment.

The Aprehend treatment is applied to areas of beds and furniture that are commonly contacted by bed bugs. These areas include but are not limited to bed frames, box springs, dressers, closets, couches, baseboards, picture frames, and other areas. When a bed bug contacts the Apprehend the spores attach to the bed bug and begin to grow on the bed bug. These spores over a matter of days will spread enough to kill a bedbug. This treatment also spreads from one bed bug to another when then mate or contact one another. The treatment also has a longer residual than most chemicals. The Aprehend treatment does not cause harm to humans. This treatment has had excellent results for our customers.

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Getting ready for your Bed Bug Treatment from Boo’s

One of the biggest questions we get is what do I need to do to get ready…here are the key things to consider (link to the complete list):

  • All clothes and bedclothes need to be run through a high heat dryer cycle in the entire room

  • Empty out all non-fabric items to be treated by Boo’s Bug Stoppers

  • Make sure the home or apartment is clean and tidy prior to treatment

  • Pets need to be kept in cages or outside of the home until four hours after treatment

  • Customer must stay out of the home for four hours as well

  • Boo recommends that our customers purchase bed bug resistant mattress covers

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