Moles and Voles

Boo’s has non chemical treatment for Moles, Voles, and Shrews

Moles and Voles can destroy your lawn

Tired of wasting money on bait or chemicals for moles and grub treatments, only to have moles come back time and time again?

Using these poison-spreading methods, it’s difficult to know if your baits and sprays work at all. It is even more frustrating because three different “experts” will tell you to use three different treatments. And what effect do the treatments have on kids and the environment?

Our program works on both moles and shrews.

  • Moles – Moles dig tunnels underground constantly foraging for food. They cause unsightly damage to yards by mounding up dirt, damaging roots, and killing grass and shrubbery

  • Shrews – During the winter shrews dig into trunks and roots, killing or damaging trees and shrubs

We want to protect your loved ones the four-legged variety as well as your children – and that is why we use traps on our mole jobs. We get results and catch anything coming through the tunnel.   Traps are set underground inside mole tunnels away from everything except the pests that we want to trap and catch.

Our trapping solution uses no chemicals or pesticides – unlike most “conventional” treatments.

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Listen to Dave describe how we treat for Moles and Voles

Boo’s Bug Stoppers Moles and Voles Program

Our trapping solution for moles and voles has been shown to be effective against the types of pests that produce the mounds that you see in the late fall or early spring here in Western Pennsylvania:

  • Boo offers three programs, one month, three months and six months

  • Easy payment plans are offered for the three and six month programs

  • Boo’s treatment works on moiles and shrews

Early Fall from late October through the time the ground freezes in December is great.  Spring as the snow melts and the mole’s damage is easy to see. If you want to trap the moles in your yard prior to the ground freezing and see if it cures your problem completely select our one month program

If you want to treat the moles this fall and then pick up the treatment when the ground thaws pick our three-month program.

If you want to trap moles until the ground freezes completely and then start as soon as it thaws in the spring pick our most affordable program the six-month program.

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