Powder post beetles are a wood destroying insect. Last week we discussed carpenter bees and the week before swarming termites. The bane of any homeowner’s existence is the wood-destroying insect. But, especially in the Western Pennsylvanian countryside area, there are more wood-destroying insects than just termites and carpenter bees.

What are Powder post beetles?

These insects live inside of wood. Since we are nearing the end of April we are headed into the time of the year when Powder Post Beetles are active in western PA. – They are most active in the spring and summer months. You will not normally see these insects crawling in the open. While you might not have heard of these insects – Powder Post Beatles are second only to termites in their threat to dry seasoned wood.

What to look for

When you have an infestation of Powderpost beetles, you will notice small holes in exposed wood surfaces. These holes are about the size of the tip of a ballpoint pen. The adult powder post beetle is a small, cylindrical, brown beetle that infests in hardwood. You may also notice small amounts of very fine sawdust around and directly under the infested wood. These insects can be found in many types of wood used for furniture, baskets, hardwood trim, and flooring. Since they usually stay inside the wood, this can make treatment for most homeowners very difficult. The method of treatment for this insect is unique from most other insects. Simply spraying the areas with an insecticide will not eliminate the infestation.

Powder Post Beatle Treatment

Boo’sBug Stoppers treats these powder post beetles with a special chemical designed for wood boring insects. The treatment is done in a manner which allows the chemical to absorb into the wood where the Powder post beetles are thriving. Boo’s Bug Stoppers can send a representative to evaluate your infestation and provide a proposal for eliminating these infestations. Contact Boo’s Bug Stoppers today to prevent damage to your wood home.

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Boos Bug Stoppers Appointment Request