Our kids spend roughly 950 hours in school each year. Those hours should be allocated to learning, creating, sharing, and understanding. They should not be wasted on wildlife pests and problems like raccoons, bats, and birds. Here are a few ways to protect our kids by preventing wildlife issues in schools.

Preventing Wildlife Issues in Schools: Eliminating Access to Food

Most wildlife issues stem from animals being hungry. They will root around and scrounge for any stable access to food they can find. Dumpsters and trashcans are perfect examples of a steady stream of food. To prevent wildlife issues at a school, make sure that all dumpster lids are kept closed. Any and all trash cans should be emptied daily. The goal should be to try and eliminate any food source. As once the food is gone, surrounding wildlife don’t have much reason to intrude.

Keeping Critters Out

The next most important thing schools should do is to make sure all entrances and exits are kept closed. This includes non-traditional doors like holes and cracks in the foundation! Schools should refrain from propping open any doors or windows for any amount of time. The school building should be regularly maintained. And all openings and cracks should be sealed to make sure they don’t increase in size (and let a bigger animal in!).

Removing and Trapping Wildlife

In the event that something does make its way inside, there are a few ways to remove them. The first way is by trapping. It is important to note that trapping should only be done by a licensed professional. And all traps should only be placed in areas that are not accessible to students. The second way a professional may choose to search and catch certain types of wildlife is with a net or a pole with a rope.

Once caught, the wildlife critter should not be released close to the school. It should be released several miles away to prevent it from re-entering the school. Any openings or entry areas should not be sealed up until after any wildlife has been removed or trapped.

Wildlife and Schools with Boos Bug Stoppers

When dealing with local wildlife, you’ll want a professional with the proper equipment on your side. Wildlife treatment requires an inspection in order to provide an accurate price quote. Call or contact us today to set up your free inspection or learn more about how we can help prevent wildlife issues from occurring in your school.

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