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We are a full service Pest Control company for residential and commercial accounts in Western Pennsylvania

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Moles and Voles

Moles and Voles Boo's has non chemical treatment for Moles, Voles, and Shrews Moles and Voles can destroy your lawn Tired of wasting money on bait or chemicals for moles and grub treatments, only to have moles come back [...]


Crawling Insects

Crawling Insects ANTS – TREATMENT & REMOVAL Ants are some of the most annoying and prevalent crawling insects in the Western Pennsylvania area. You can visit our Seasonal Insect Control page to learn more about the types of ants [...]


Bed Bug Control

Bed Bug Control Treatment Boo's Bug Stoppers offers effective Bed Bug Treatment Plans Bed Bugs Control - Don't the them bite Boo’s Bugs Stoppers specializes in the control and removal of bed bugs. In order for bed bugs to [...]


Ticks Extermination

Boo's Bug Stoppers Provides Ticks Extermination Summertime is a time for outdoor play - we want you to be safe We know Ticks are a problem in Western Pennsylvania Boos offers Ticks Extermination as part of our pest control [...]

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Boos Bug Stoppers Appointment Request