Termite protection for schools and other buildings is a big deal. Termites are a pain in a number of different ways. The damage they cause can be dangerous. And before you know it, it can take a large sum from your bank account. The same goes for school buildings. Termites can cause damage to schools in several ways. They cause damage to the wood studs, door frames, and baseboards. And they also destroy books, boxes, and furniture. What can you do if you notice termite damage in your school?

Steps You Can Take for Termite Protection

There are a few different steps that should be taken to keep from attracting termites to the school structure. Eliminate any conditions which would be conducive to a termite infestation. Make sure that no water is allowed to puddle or stand near the foundation. Prevent any wood from coming into contact with the ground. Remove any dead shrubs, roots, and other unnecessary plant life. And never stack any wood or cardboard products against the exterior of the building.

When It’s Time for an Inspection

If termites are found in the structure, you should have a qualified pest control operator perform an inspection on the entire school. The termites we deal with here in Pennsylvania are called Subterranean termites. This species only lives in the ground. The termite colony is usually 7-10 feet under the surface. The termites constantly come up to the structure to consume cellulose material.

Chemical Barrier Treatments for Termite Protection 

The best termite protection is a chemical barrier treatment. The termiticide is applied to the soil at a rate of 4 gallons per 10 linear feet. This chemical is not detectable by termites. The worker termites will crawl through the treated soil, become contaminated and unknowingly take it to the colony in the ground killing the queen as well as the entire colony. The best way to prevent any structural damage is to have a pest control company perform a termite inspection once a year. And if termite protection is needed, then treat your building. Early summer would be the best time to have this done.

Termite Protection for Schools with Boos Bug Stoppers

When dealing with termites, you’ll want a professional with the proper equipment on your side. Termite protection treatment requires an inspection in order to provide an accurate price quote. Call or contact us today to set up your free inspection or learn more about how we can help remove termites from your school.

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