Termite swarmers – sounds like the stuff science fiction is made from, but termite swarms are common and are needed for the survival of termites.  And we have had enough of science fiction come to be real here in western Pennsylvania. We have talked about the effects of termites on your home before in a number of places in our blog series, Today we are going to focus on Termite Swarmers

What are Termite Swarmers

In Pennsylvania, it is that time of year when termites are most likely to be noticed.  This is the time when termite swarmers emerge from the colony by the hundreds if not thousands. Termite swarmers are the male and female reproductives. These swarmers are black with 2 sets of wings which the lose within hours of leaving the colony. Once a male and female meet they chew these wings off and proceed to find suitable soil to start their own colony. These swarmers have now made the transition from swarmers to King and Queen. If you see this in your house or business it usually means that you have an active termite colony in the soil below the structure and feeding on the cellulose of wood in the walls. Do not wait until they are inside your living room or your office contact us today.

Do you have Termite Swarmers

If these swarmers emerge inside your home or business and are unable to get outside to find suitable soil, they will die within a few hours. Swarming Termites can also eat other cellulose materials like paper and cardboard. We only have one kind of termite here in western Pennsylvania. It is the subterranean termite. They live in the 7-10 feet underground. They do not crawl out in the open except for when the swarmers emerge. Termites build mud shelter tubes to conceal and protect themselves from light and predators such as ants.  Most termites are whitish-yellow in color, except for the reproductive swarmers. Termites normally swarm when we have our first 70+ degree day in the spring. We have already been getting calls for termite swarmers this month.

What are the risks of Termite Swarmers?

As we said above Termite swarmers are mostly a seasonal nuisance. The real danger from seeing these creatures is that they indicate that the rest of the colony, including those that eat wood year-round, might be in the building’ Most members of a termite colony remain hidden, constantly eating wood or other cellulose-containing materials they find and delivering digested cellulose to the rest of the colony.

Contact Boo’s Bug Stoppers

If you notice something like this, try to collect some live or dead swarmers as well as some of the wings they might have shed. This will help Boo’s Bug Stoppers to make a positive identification. For service please contact us today.  Boo’s Bug Stoppers is are an essential service and is open to service your termite meeds as well as any pest control issue for your home or business in western Pennsylvania.

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Boos Bug Stoppers Appointment Request