Don't let the
termites get you

Termites in western PA

The only type we have in Western Pennsylvania is the Eastern Subterranean termite. Unlike most other pests we have in our area, termites derive nutrition from one food source…cellulose, which is only found in wood or wood products. Because our homes are built mostly of wood, termites can become a very costly nuisance once they’ve invaded a home. The National Pest Management Association estimates that these pests cause over $5 billion dollars in damage to American homes every year.

To make matters worse

These pests live and forage underground (hence the name subterranean), and tend to enter homes through cracks in the foundation, mortar joints of basement walls, cement slab floors, and/or dirt floor crawlspaces. In most cases, termites enter the home completely undetected by the homeowner. The first wood that they usually come in contact with is the sill plate and they’ll begin eating it from the inside out. From there they will start eating into the floor joists and floorboards and working their way up the walls of the home. Because worker termites (the ones actually causing the damage) stay concealed, there can be some degree of damage inflicted before termites are ever detected by the homeowner.

signs of a termite infestation

Termites - Boo's Bug Stoppers Beaver County PA Pest Control

mud tubes

Termites - Boo's Bug Stoppers Beaver County PA Pest Control

hollowed wood

Termites - Boo's Bug Stoppers Beaver County PA Pest Control

wood blisters

How to detect termites

There are two different ways you can detect termites. The first, when the damage has become so severe that it is obvious to the homeowner (such as noticing soft spots when walking across the floor, or noticing heavy mud trails around the sill plate, floor joists, or basement walls). The second, when swarmer termites (wings) emerge either inside the home or outside in the yard. The good news is the swarmer variety are only reproductive ones and doesn’t cause any actual damage. The bad news is that they usually swarm when the colony is thriving, indicating that there is a healthy colony of worker termites in or around the home. No matter what degree of damage these pests cause to a home Boo’s Bug Stoppers, LLC can perform and guarantee effective treatments to rid your house of termites and protect your structure. Contact us for insect control services that can’t be beat!

two types of
termite treatment

Boo's Bug Stoppers utilize either a liquid termiticide treatment and a termite monitoring/baiting system. While some pest-control companies offer either one type of treatment or the other, the home pest control experts at Boo’s Bug Stoppers can perform both types of treatments. Because every home, homeowner, and termite problem is unique, a free consultation would need to be set up in order for Boo’s Bug Stoppers to offer our recommendation as to which type of home pest control treatment would be most effective in eliminating the termites. We will also advise as to which home pest control treatment will be the safest and most cost-effective for the customer.

The price of the treatment depends on the size of both the infestation and the home. Inspection is needed to provide an accurate price quote. Contact us for more information.