It is springtime here in western Pennsylvania, and that means carpenter bees are out and about. This is the time of the year that homeowners and local Pittsburgh business owners notice large black bees hovering and flying outside of their home and business.  One business that we sometimes go to visit even has a sign telling their customers not to worry about the bees that are flying about outside of Naturally Soergels in Wexford PA.

What are Carpenter Bees?

Carpenter bees are a large body bee that resembles a rather large slow-moving bumblebee.  These bees do not sting, so not only can you outrun them, but you do not need to do so.  Unlike other common bees, such as honey bees and bumblebees, Carpenter bees are not social insects.  Other bees live in colonies, these guys like to build individual nests in trees outside the house or into the frames of wood buildings – especially in areas in Pittsburgh that have lots of trees and wood building such as Bradford Woods. You do, however, need to pay attention to these insects. Carpenter bees prefer unpainted, weathered wood, especially softer varieties such as redwood, cedar, cypress and pine. Painted or pressure-treated wood is much less susceptible to attack. Common carpenter bee nesting sites include eaves, rafters, fascia boards, siding, wooden shake roofs, decks, and outdoor furniture.

How do Carpenter Bees damage your home?

Carpenter Bees do cause some visible damage to log cabins and wood siding.  Bees cause a smooth hole that looks like it was created by a drill bit. So, while you think your teenage child might be messing with you by drilling random holes in your wood, the problem might be caused by these bees.  They make a hole about 3/8 of an inch. This hole is made in the spring starting around this time of the year. The bees use this hole to lay their eggs. The good news is that carpenter bees do not actually eat the wood. they discard it. So the result is the same as you would expect from termites, these bees cause structure game to your home.  Once these bees make themselves comfortable in your home they will return. If you have a home that gets carpenter bees its usually a recurring problem each year.  You need to treat this.

How do you get rid of these Bees

Ongoing damage from carpenter bees will be prevented by having Boo’s Bug Stoppers treat your home in early spring each year before they become active. Boo’s Bug Stoppers treats all exposed wood surfaces of your home with a chemical that prevents them from drilling holes. This service includes a three-month warranty so you can rest assured that the team at Boo’s Sug stoppers has you covered. It is important that you take measures to prevent them from using your home as a breeding spot. Selling a home that has active carpenter bees will cause delays in the process.  These bees are a wood destroying insect. Most finance companies will require you to have a treatment and possible evaluation of the damage. Contact Boo’s Bug Stoppers today to prevent damage to your wood home.

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Boos Bug Stoppers Appointment Request