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Pest Control Maintenance Plans

We will track your scheduled service and contact you to set up your regular pest control maintenance plans treatments. You will receive high-quality service from one of our skilled, knowledgeable technicians.

We will provide our product applications in accordance with the law to keep you, your family, and your pets safe. You will have peace of mind not only knowing that your pest problems are eliminated, but also that you are working with a company you can trust.

We offer maintenance plan customers discounted pricing on specialized treatment needs.

Contracts – who needs contracts?

We are confident once a customer starts using us they will not want to use anyone else.

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Boo’s Bug Stoppers Quarterly Maintenance

Most customers will prefer our quarterly maintenance plan which covers the crawling insects pictured below.  Each customer’s needs will vary depending on whether it is a commercial office building or a home.  Even in homes, there are different needs for wood houses located in the forest, from vinyl-sided homes in a former farm or pasture.  The advantage of our quarterly plan:

  • Preferred scheduling in peak times of the year – even for added services not part of the plan

  • The most cost-effective plan for both Boo’s and for the customer allowing us to provide a high level of service at an affordable price

  • Discounts on special needs as described on our services page – like ticks, bees, and rodents for residential customers

Our quarterly plan works best for all commercial customers except for foodservice customers and for residential customers.

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Crawling Insects Covered on our Quarterly Plan

ant residential pest control
bed bug residential pest control

Wood Roaches – Ground Beetles

mice and rodent residential pest control

Boo’s monthly plan

Our monthly plan is designed for our Food Service Customers’ special needs.  The preparation of food in commercial kitchens results in an increased likelihood of flying insects.  So we add to our quarterly plan – monthly treatments to prevent the flying insects that are pictured below.

  • Service Scheduled when the restaurant is closed so that customers are not impacted whenever this is possible

  • The ability get priority scheduling for the services that are a potential emergency call for a Restaurant owner such as bee’s rodent or bat exclusion

  • Call backs for treatments that need to be treated because of an outbreak between our regular scheduled visits – you just never know what will show up from your food service provider

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Flying Insects Covered on our montlhy plan

residential pest control

Hornets – Yellow Jackets

Tick extermination tick pest control residential pest control
bee residential pest control
residential pest control
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Boos Bug Stoppers Appointment Request