Did you know that controlling fruit flies in restaurants is one of the most frequent calls we get from our commercial accounts at Boos? Here are some tips on controlling fruit flies in your business for restaurant operators.

As restrictions slowly ease up across the nation, it is finally time to be back in business as normal. Worrying about fruit flies should be the least of your worries with the reopening. Fruit flies can be a pesky problem for anyone, especially business owners. From sticky surfaces to fruit left out allows for fruit flies to easily be attracted. The hygiene of the restaurant suffers without active prevention involved. If you have been noticing a fruit fly problem, there are precautions you can make during business hours.

What are fruit flies?

The pesky insects are a species of fly drawn to any produce starting to go bad. The fruit fly life cycle is very rapid and starts when the adult fruit fly female lays approximately 500 eggs near any rotting produce. Their eggs hatch in about 30 hours and for approximately 5-6 days they primarily feed on yeast from rotting produce. It is difficult to contain fruit flies with their fast pace reproduction system so it is vital to control the infestation sooner than later. Along with struggling to control the flies, it is hard to obtain the flies with their tiny size. Adult flies are usually 1/8 inch long and usually gather in clusters.

Where are they coming from?

Fruit flies are a problem year-round but are particularly a nuisance during the summer and fall due to their attraction to ripened fruits and vegetables. The flies primarily breed and thrive on the moist surfaces of fruits and other produce. Any areas where fruits and vegetables are left out on counters for long periods of time, you will most likely find a gathering of flies. In a restaurant, fruit flies can mainly be found around food scraps, around the kitchen sinks, and in any area with garbage. Fruit flies tend to linger around trash cans, drains, refrigerators or anywhere around the kitchen area, then you may have a fruit fly infestation on your hands.

How to get rid of fruit flies?

It is vital to act quickly on an infestation before it leads to calling a specialist. Fruit flies can become a burden to many types of businesses but are especially detrimental to the food industry. An infestation can negatively impact a restaurant’s reputation and steer away from paying customers.

  • Take out the trash often

    As simple of a fix it is, disposing of any food scraps away frequently lowers the chances of more flies accumulating. Avoiding any food being left out overnight prevents flies from laying eggs on the produce. Rinsing out the trash can and removing the trash from inside the property limits the fly’s opportunities. Keeping your staff up to date with all cleaning protocols and routines is essential.

  • Keep the sink area dry

    Be sure to drain the sinks before you head out for the night. Flies are prone to wet, moist areas to lay their eggs so it is important to keep the kitchen dry. Wipe off any sink, or drain to remain dry overnight.

  • Close any opened bottles

    Before you head home, close any beer taps or syrup bottles for the night. Once the areas are cleaned and wiped down, anything pertaining to open food or drinks should be contained. This applies to any food in the open such as food trays. Every pour spout should be covered by the end of the night as well to eliminate attracting flies.

  • Clean off the bar mats

    As the day goes on, the bar mats are heavily used and can accumulate dirt and extra liquids. The small crevices on mats can attract flies to lay. Rinse off the mats with warm, soapy water after the restaurant is closed. 

Let Boo’s Bug Stoppers help by controlling fruit flies for you

Take these steps to prevent and eliminate fruit flies in your restaurant to ensure your customers are satisfied and your business maintains a positive reputation. Fruit flies are never a fun issue to tackle and can become overwhelming. If you find yourself have difficulty with fruit flies, Boo’s Bug Stoppers and our restaurant pest control program is always here to take the weight off your shoulders.

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