More and more people are moving towards making greener choices in their everyday lives. And with that increase of green popularity, you may have noticed more products and businesses promoting organic, green, or sustainable language. The hospitality industry is also moving in the same direction. As people make their own choices to do better for the planet, they expect businesses to do the same. And it’s becoming extremely difficult for hospitality businesses to attract guests if they’re not an environmentally responsible establishment. Integrated pest management or (IPM) is one way that pest management professionals assist the hospitality industry in this matter. IPM is a broad-based approach to eliminating and preventing pests with the least harmful means possible.

The First Steps for Organic Pest Control for Hospitality

The first step for any pest control issue is an inspection. This is when the pest management professional looks for any evidence of past or present pest infestations. This inspection will also include identifying any areas that might be conducive to an infestation. Factors that make an area more conducive include level sanitation, amount of moisture, building maintenance, and excessive vegetation growth just to name a few.

Keeping Your Staff Involved

We at Boo’s Bug Stoppers like to employ the IPM method as protocol includes hospitality staff in this process. The majority of the education revolves around teaching staff identification techniques to help them on a daily basis. Taking steps to prevent an infestation is always the most important part of IPM.

Other Methods of Prevention

Some ways to prevent pests from infesting a location are by eliminating any conducive conditions. Earlier we discussed the factors of sanitation. It’s also a good idea to start eliminating any water sources (like leaking pipes) or cleaning up any spills as soon as they occur. Also, make sure to keep lids secure on every trash can. You’ll also want to keep all dumpsters clean and lids closed.

Eliminate areas which could be used for nesting. Seal any cracks inside with caulk. Make sure plumbing pipes, doors, and all windows are sealed as well. Don’t prop doors open. Make sure windows have screens without any rips or tears.

What if there’s an Infestation?

If the pest management professional discovers an infestation, there are some non-chemical treatments that can be used. Some of these are glue traps, diatomaceous earth as well as some natural repellents like mothballs, peppermint oil, and pheromone.

Organic Pest Control for Hospitality with Boo’s Bug Stoppers

Christmas is essentially here! This holiday travel time is the worst time for an infestation! When dealing with hospitality pests, you’ll want a professional with the proper equipment on your side. Any treatment plan requires an inspection in order to provide an accurate price quote. Call or contact us today to set up your free inspection or learn more about how we can help remove pests from your hospitality business.

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