Your kids are precious and mean the world to you. And we know that you would do anything and everything to keep them safe. As parents ourselves, we feel the same way, which is why we believe that pesticides should be used as a last resort when dealing with pests. Here’s how we deal with pest control in schools at Boo’s Bug Stoppers.

Pest Control in Schools: IPM

As we said above, when it comes to pest control in schools, the use of pesticides should always be a last resort. At Boo’s Bug Stoppers, we utilize an integrated pest management (or IPM) system as the procedure we follow. IPM is usually performed on a monthly basis. By using IPM we reduce the number of pesticides that students and staff are exposed to. IPM requires a thorough inspection of areas that could be conducive to a pest infestation. IPM focuses on preventing infestations with the least toxic measures possible. It also becomes a team effort between the technician and the staff.

Sanitation Programs

Implementing sanitation programs and cleaning procedures is a key part of IPM. Part of this process includes checking for any leaking pipes or excessive moisture. They also include restricting where students and staff are allowed to eat food. Administration should make sure that dumpsters are kept away from the building and closed.

Groundskeepers should make sure all entrances and exits to the building are closed at all times.  They should also be on the lookout for any holes or cracks in the foundation. Teachers should be advised to also keep windows and doors closed as another safety precaution. Hire a professional to seal any openings to keep pests out!

Who Ya Gonna Call? Boo’s Bug Stoppers!

When dealing with pests, you want a team focused on your health and safety in conjunction with treatment. If a pesticide application is required to eliminate an infestation, the treatment is usually performed on a Friday afternoon or during a holiday break when students and staff will not be in the building for at least 48 hours after treatment. We also use a variety of pest monitoring devices as a means to make sure the job is done right the first time!

When dealing with any pest, you’ll want a professional with the proper equipment on your side. Pest control requires an inspection in order to provide an accurate price quote. Call or contact us today to set up your free inspection or learn more about how we can help remove pests from your school.

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Boos Bug Stoppers Appointment Request