Had it with Stinging Insects?

Are stinging insects threatening to ruin your summer fun, or possibly even infect your family with dangerous insect-borne diseases?

As a species that effectively amounts to a swarm of dirty used needles with wings, mosquitoes can range from a chronic irritation to a major health hazard, and they aren’t the only flying pest that can threaten your ability to enjoy the warm weather in peace.

Just as the Penguins won the last two games of the Stanley Cup with great defense, it’s time for you to defend yourself and your children against the threat of annoying and potentially sickness-bearing insects.

Here are four stinging insect prevention strategies you can start using this week:

Bench stinging insects before they begin.

Still water is a necessary part of the mosquito breeding cycle and habitat, so one of the best ways to stop them from scoring is to remove or cover all standing water sources in your yard.

Cover pools and hot tubs when they aren’t in use, and if you have a rain catcher, make sure it has a lid.

If you have a birdbath that you want to keep full, change out the water at least every 24 hours, since mosquito eggs laid in water can hatch within as little as 48 hours, or use a fountain or a device like a Water Wiggler to agitate the surface of the water, so mosquitoes can’t breed in it.

Wear defensive gear when they’re on the attack.

Dawn and dusk are mosquitoes’ most active periods, so if you go out during that time, use long-sleeved shirts and long pants to keep them from scoring a goal.

Beef up your defense with insect repellent.

A solution containing at least 20% DEET will help to keep their offense away from your net.

If you don’t want DEET on your skin, there are also homemade bug repellents available. Just make sure you don’t get sucked in by false advertising and make your solution with “pure” vanilla extract that actually contains bug-attracting sugar 

Patch the holes in your net.

Whoever said “don’t let the small things bug you” has clearly never tried to sleep in a room with a mosquito.

If you don’t want incessant whining and a feeling of impending, itchy doom lingering on the edge of your half-asleep mind when you’re trying to drift off, make sure you patch all the holes in your screens.

Need some help getting stinging insects to buzz off?

While these strategies will help to keep you from getting stung, sometimes it takes more than that, especially if you live near a standing water source that isn’t on your property or can’t be adequately disturbed or drained.

If you have a stinging insect problem that you can’t get rid of on your own, or you want to take proactive action for stinging insect prevention, check out our page on bees and swarming insects for more information on how Boo can get rid out your problem.

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