Summertime is a time for outdoor play – we want you to be safe

Boo’s Bug Stoppers Provides Ticks Prevention

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We know Ticks are a problem in Western Pennsylvania

At Boo’s Bug Stoppers we realize the importance of ticks prevention. We live in a wooded setting ourselves and we don’t want to think about ticks.  They are creepy, spread disease, and are frankly gross-looking. Here in Beaver County PA, they are responsible for spreading life-threatening diseases.  Most people get ‘off’ with chills, nausea, and maybe a fever.  But death has sometimes resulted.

  • Lyme Disease is a major fear

  • Ticks camp out on the grass where children and pets can easily be attacked by them

  • Ticks can be removed within 24 hours and probably prevent disease – according to the CDC

  • If you are bite, they will stick around for 2-3 days

It is a good idea to inspect kids and pets from ticks after they end up in the tall grasses that are on the edge of the forest where ticks love to hang out.  You can remove ticks with tweezers.  The CDC also recommends that people use an insect repellent that contains at least 20% DEET.  If you want to take a further step, AT Boo’s Bug Stoppers we have a process that will help protect you and your family and pets

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Boo’s Bug Stoppers Ticks Prevention

When Boo’s Bug Stoppers treats for Ticks, our technician will talk to you about any previous sitings. We will discuss your pets and commonly used areas by your family. We will evaluate the property and devise a treatment plan which is focused on the perimeter of the property or lawn,

  • Keep Grass cut short – lower than 5-6 inches – this should be done prior to treatment

  • People and pets should remain off of the treated areas until they are completely dry

  • Pets should be treated for ticks prior to or at the time of treatment

Ticks prevention treatments uses a liquid chemical treatment that is performed with a 4-gallon backpack sprayer. The price is based on how many 4 gallon backpacks are needed to treat your property. We can not warranty a tick treatment, however, it drastically reduces the tick population to the property.

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Keep your family safe

At Boo’s Bug Stoppers we care about our family as much as you care about yours.  We live in nearby Fombell in a very rural area and we have three small children.  Parent to Parent we suggest that you do the following things over the course of the summer:

  • Treat frequently if Ticks are a recuring problem

  • Inspect your children after they have played in the grass

  • Make sure your pets are safe as well – keep the grass trimmed in areas adjacent to the forest

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