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Boo’s Bug Stoppers Deals with rodents while they are still outside of your home or business

Rodent Control – Pests are never welcome – especially not now

It seems that as we move out of the working from home mindset to trying to juggle more things taking care of things like mice and other rodents can be maddening.  At Boo’s Bug Stoppers we know that you need to be able to keep them outside and dealt with them outside so they don’t get poisoned and die in your ceiling or end up eating your kid’s food.

  • Your cat is probably not great at keeping rodents out.

  • Treating inside with poison is not safe for children and can lead to a rodent dying in our wall or ceiling

  • Small cracks and let mice inside – let alone the door your 2-year-old leaves open

  • Boo’s treats the rodent outside where they will not affect the health of your family or business

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Why do I have a rodent control problem?

The deer and house mouse are the most common reasons people call us for rodent control services here in Western Pennsylvania. Both mice are similar in that they enter structures during the colder months. With the right conditions, they can be a problem all year round. These rodents will look for nesting sites inside your home.  They will also use garages, sheds, stored RVs, and any other infrequently used vehicle. Rodents have almost limitless nesting opportunities outside of the home. Mice are known to get into kitchens and pantries. They chew into foodstuff as well as pet foods that we keep around the house. Mice will also feed on insects, seeds, nuts, berries, small fruits, and fungus.

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Boo’s Rodent Control prevents rodents from getting inside

Our approach to mice and rats is to stop them from coming into the house by treating for them outside of the house.  We install bait stations around the perimeter of your home and we visit on a regular schedule to replace the bait.

The unwanted potential home guests ingest the bait and die outside of your home before they become a problem for you. We can augment that with interior traps to treat for any rodents inside already.  We also provide an exclusion service to seal any openings and prevent future infestations.

The advantages to our approach:

  • The problem is prevented ahead of time

  • Whichever spouse is afraid of seeing dead critters in traps is happy

  • Santa gets to eat his cookies and your kids get their gifts this Christmas

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