Rat control in warehouses is essential for employee morale and safety. At Boos, we believe in the saying “prevention is the best medicine”. And if you’ve ever experienced rats before, you know preventing them is a much better strategy than battling them. Let’s talk about some simple ways that you can prevent warehouse rodents in the long run.

Warehouse Rat Control: Cleanliness

There are many ways to prevent a rat infestation from arising in your warehouse. But the most significant and easiest measure is simply to keep the premises clean. Try things like removing clutter (aka hiding places) and garbage (aka snacks) to a minimum. A clean warehouse will also discourage phenome odors from lingering. A thorough clean can easily be the most effective strategy and will strongly discourage rat inhabitation.

Automatic Doors

While this may not sound like a huge innovation for warehouses, many of them do not have automatic doors. And more often than not, they will leave their doors open the entire day. Owners should try to have automatic closing doors in their premises, or at the very least, dividing screens to hinder the free movement of rats. This small measure will greatly enhance your pest control ability. Normal doors when left open offer easy access to other pests as well. High-speed doors are a great option for keeping the food area secure as they are open only for a few seconds and remain sealed the rest of the time.

Sealing, Segmenting, and Inspecting

One of the most recommended ways of controlling rat infestations is by segmenting the warehouses and keeping the important locations of warehouses sealed. This creates multiple controlled zones, along with making inspection easier.

Inspecting the warehouses at regular intervals also makes up an important part of any good preventive measures. It is mandatory to make a regular, thorough inspection to spot any signs of rat infestation. Any signs of an infestation should be immediately addressed to prevent it from growing further.

How to Make Rat Control Easy

If you’d rather spend time with your family, build your career, enjoy some leisure time, or do pretty much ANYTHING other than deal with rats and other rodents, we’re here to do it for you.

Our effective and affordable rat control services will save you hours of work and frustration. Especially if your furry guests like to chew on electric wiring that’s surrounded by flammable materials.

To protect your family and belongings from fire, disease-bearing droppings, and costly and unsightly property damage, call us today at (724) 601-3223. Or email us here to arrange a time for us to give you a free inspection and quote.

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